About the Program
The CLI Conservatory is a 10-month in-person training program designed to prepare students to enter the professional world of dance. Our curriculum focuses on the most important areas that help dancers step into their careers in less time and at less cost than traditional training programs.
Dance Training
Our dancers train 5 days per week, 8+ hours per day, forging connections with over 100 working industry choreographers across every style of dance. CLI is one of the only programs where you can get extensive commercial and concert dance training all in one place.
At CLI we focus on your individual career path to help you build the career you want. While you’re at the Conservatory, you’ll audition for agencies, dance companies, tours and shows, you’ll develop your personal brand with 1:1 photo and video shoots, and you’ll receive 1:1 mentorship from our Careers team. Plus, after you graduate, we offer free training and audition opportunities for our alumni in NYC and LA.
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Dance on Camera
Understanding how to perform on camera is a big part of being a professional dancer. Backed by our award-winning production team and leading industry choreographers, all of our students get extensive training and experience dancing on camera, from producing original music videos to filming 1:1 in our production studio.
teaching and choreography
Teaching & Choreography
Whether you want to choreograph for music videos and tours, or teach at dance studios and conventions, being able to teach and choreograph are fundamental skills you need to develop for your career. We bring in industry leading instructors to help you develop and hone your own choreographic process and teaching style.
Our students get two big performance oppor­tunities while training at the Conservatory – a student showcase featuring choreography and performances by our students, and our end of year shows, where students learn and perform work set by choreographers like Al Blackstone, Micaela Taylor, Lyle Beniga, Marlee Hightower, and Liana Blackburn.
At the CLI Conservatory, we don’t just train professional dancers; we are train­ing the next generation of leaders in the dance industry. Just as much as we focus on physical training, we prioritize mental health and wellness in dance–with life coaching, personal growth sessions, per­formance coaching, nutrition courses, and more.